What is the minimum Group or tour Size? 

Depends on tour type, most of our tours require a minimum of 4 persons. Same price applies for less than 4 persons. If there are other small group booked on the same day, we will be happy to combine the group to make the minimum. 

How do I confirm a booking?

Please call or email and we will confirm with you as soon as possible.

what permit fees are required?

Permit is mandatory by the Government

  • Rock Islands Permit $50 per person, $100 include Jellyfish Lake (6 years and above/ valid for 10 days)
  • Fishing Permit $20 per person (13 years and above/ valid for 1 month) 


Palau Jellyfish Lake used to be one of the major attractions of Palau.  Unfortunately, there has been a drastic decline in jellyfish numbers in the recent months and scientists say the severe drought and warmer temperatures effects of El Niño are to blame.  The Jellyfish Lake was closed in late April 2017 until further notice. Jellyfish in the lake also crashed in the late 1990s, likely due to El Niño, but they recovered afterward. This time around, observers are again hopeful that the population could eventually recover.